Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide a reference track? Reference tracks aren’t essential, but they can help provide an idea of the overall sound you’re looking for. Critically, we are looking for a “sonic” reference track: a song that has the sonic characteristics (e.g., loudness, bass/treble profile, width, etc.) that you are looking to achieve. While there may be a song that really captures the lyrical themes or mood that you find inspiring, this isn’t the kind of reference we’re interested in at the mastering stage.

What kind of file should I provide? Please provide 24 bit uncompressed digital files (e.g., wav, AIFF, FLAC) at the same sample rate that the project was recorded at. If you are using limiters or clippers across your mix bus, please send two versions: one with and one without. There are of course instances where only compressed file formats (e.g., mp3) are available. While sub-optimal, that can certainly be accommodated.

How should I send my files? You can upload your files here. Please make sure each file is clearly and correctly labelled.